SPIRIT aims to fulfill the existing telecommunication gap with a near-to-market transceiver product, merging the benefits of high performance and mature photonic and electronic technologies into a single platform. In order to achieve its mission, SPIRIT has defined the following ambitious objectives:

• Fabrication of high-speed, low-voltage drive, InP modulators with segmented electrodes

• Fabrication of low-power CMOS Periodically Amplified Travelling-wave Hybrid (PATH) modulator logic and driver arrays

• Fabrication of an optical MUX/DEMUX based on tunable Si micro-ring filter arrays for superchannel grooming on a gridless basis

• Development of fully-programmable, highspeed, low-power, integrated photoniand electronic flexible transceivers

• Fixed-grid and gridless 400G, 1T and flexible (super)channel data transport with advanced DSP and monitoring built-in functions enabled by software control. 


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